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Updates from Lulu Land...

Hi there girlies! Sorry I've been so silent as of late, I've been working full-throttle on the job search here in the Big Apple. T-minus 15 days until I'm no longer with salary (*sob*), am trying to replace the paychecks as soon as possible. Not the easiest for a finance major in the big city, as I'm about bazillionth in line on the job application list. It's a rough and tumble job market out there, I tell ya what! Sadly, some of my colleagues at the previous Corporate America job I had have fallen to the same fate... Time to pull ourselves up by our Burberry bootstraps and get to job huntin'! ;)

I wanted to thank you all SOOO very much for your kind words and inspiration over the past week. I love reading all your advice, and whether or not you know it, *each and every* word makes me feel much better about the predicament I'm currently in. Love my girlies out in Bloggerland!

The fabulous Nina from Nina Knows Best (LOVE the new blog name, girl!) sent me the sweetest cheer-you-up gift I could have ever hoped for... A new stationery template! Not only that, but she created the file with my married monogram (in pink and green, no less). I've never actually seen my married monogram before, it made me so excited I became a little teary! haha I was going to purchase a template from Nina right before I lost my job, but just didn't feel right splurging on something fun like that for myself when I knew I now needed to save for other things... Like rent and groceries! Thank you, thank you, thank you Nina, for your kindness and generosity. I'll post the file for you as soon as I can figure out how to... (hint to Nina- I need more blogger help!)

I finally have some wonderful wedding updates for you! As you might remember, part of my trip out to Phoenix the week before last was to cram some well-overdue wedding meetings into the mix. I'm happy to report that we're full-steam ahead on (well, most? ha) of the milestones. As a new girlfriend told me recently, "don't you dare put too much stock into those pre-determined checklists in the magazines... I freaked out 3 months before because I wasn't getting 3 mircoderm treatments a week in preparation like suggested, until my fiance kindly reminded me that I received that many, my skin would probably fall off." HA! We're just under 6 months left now, so the buzzwords of the week around here are RELAX and FOCUS.

I feel like I *can* get this darn wedding planned in the time I have left, AND find myself gainful employment at the same time. The save the dates may not have gone out exactly at the 6 month mark (well, they STILL haven't gone out yet but that's another story... haha), the DJ may not be booked, but I have a *wonderful* bridal party, a breathtaking dress, and couldn't be happier with our reception venue. Go optimism right now! haha

On another note, let's get out a little travel prayer for Mr. Wonderful tonight- he's headed off to Philly to work the last leg of the campaign, the "final push" as it's called around here. Also, I voted for the *first* time last night, woohoo!!! I was actually quite nervous, and checked my paper ballot about 10 times to make sure I did everything correctly. And yes, I am old enough to have voted in the past 2 elections, thankyouverymuch... As my bridesmaid and close sorority sister Lonnie so kindly pointed out to me "You voted for the first time in 2008? I am the most unpolitical person I know and I have voted in the past 2 elections!" Thanks, Lon... ;) It's never too late to become politically aware, right?

Tomorrow's the day I officially bombard every headhunter contact I have with my resume and cover letter, so fingers crossed that I obtain a few leads out of that! Also, I'll be allowing myself some time to catch up on my Google Reader, so you may have a comment or 10 coming your way! ;)



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Rebecca Taylor said...

Good luck! Let us know how everything goes!

Mrs. Forever said...

Lulu - I just forwarded you an email from a headhunter. It is a few weeks old but Rick called me yesterday about one of the jobs so I know that all of these positions haven't been filled. Hope it helps!

NINA said...

I'm blushing... Thanks Lulu for the very sweet words... my mission was successfully accomplished... I brightened your day (that's what I was going for)!! I'm sending you a MUCH smaller file so that you may download just like a picture - you do know me well... always good for at least one Tip!! L, keep up that wonderfully positive attitude that you have and all will go your way I just know it!! xoxo
ps. I cracked up at the Burberry Bootstraps... love it!

Lonnie said...

My first official shout out! Love you lady! Good luck with the job hunt manana, I know you will find something. You know I am always here for a Slavestrom rec!
PS- Be proud, I am busy researching all my AZ props for Tuesday

Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

rule #1 - toss out any checklist/timeline a wedding magazine gives you. wedding reality is much different than wedding theory. :)

Keylady said...

I'm feeling a little left out having just been informed that you have a blog at family dinner Sundays in the Cobley household. Even Shar was aware...mean!

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