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Calling All Crafty Girls! Craft Idea Swap 2008 & Giveaway!

Happy Thursday, ladies! I'm less than 24 hours away from relaxing on a jet plane as I head to the sunny skies of Arizona. It dawned on me last night that I have a free afternoon to do something I haven't done in over a year. Run errands.

Now I know you must be thinking "what on earth do you mean you haven't run errands in over a year!? You've got to be kidding.", and to that point I agree. *However*, city errands and suburban errands are of a completely different nature, I think. I can tell you with full honesty that I absolutely miss running errands in the suburbs, for 3 very specific reasons...

1) Target
2) Michael's
3) Supermarkets

Ladies, I have been living without the items listed above for over a year, and it is KILLING me. I can't tell you how much I miss wandering the aisles of Target, or going grocery shopping and being able to pick up every item I need from one store. Right now, an official "get everything on the shopping list"grocery shopping excursion (the kind of trip that would take you about an hour, start to finish, at the supermarket) takes me to 5 different stores. Five.

The one location I think I'm most excited to run to this weekend would by Michael's. I can absolutely say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and OH! how fond I am of Michael's right now.

This is where I'm making a call to all you crafty readers out there- I need you to help me make a shopping list! I'm overwhelmed by all the amazing Fall and Holiday craft projects you have up your sleeves, and can't keep track of it all! I'm officially challenging all of you to post your favorite craft ideas. They could be anything! Paper ideas, small gifts for friends, decorations... I'd love to see each and every one. I'm going to make a master craft list so I have something to shop off of during The Great Michael's Stock Up 2008 ;)

To sweeten the deal (and to extract every creative idea I possibly can out of your head), I'll be hosting my first giveaway! I'll be drawing two winners from our pool of entries and will be giving each a *$50 gift card to Michael's*! I'm dead serious about seeing your crafty side (and borrowing some of your amazing ideas), so I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

Here's how entries for the giveaway will work (let's see how creative we can get with this):

-Existing Followers of the blog will each receive 5 entries (I have you all noted, ladies, thanks for following!)
-New Followers of the blog will each receive 3 entries
-Your comment on this post (please include your amazing craft idea!) will receive 1 entry
If you actually go out of your way to create a dedicated Idea Swap 2008 post on your own blog, featuring a crafty idea others can see (we visual learners LOVE that kind of thing! haha), you'll receive 5 additional entry points! The idea here is to get everybody's creative juices flowing, so please let us know in your comment on here that you have a crafty post for us to see- I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Since I'll be out of town (checking in when time permits, and sneaking some of your ideas into my Michael's shopping cart) until Tuesday evening, I'm going to close the window for entries at 8:00pm EST on Tuesday, October 21st (which gives me great reading fodder for the taxi home from the airport). This will give you time to pull out all the stops, and showcase your crafty expertise. I'll be announcing the winner Wednesday evening, after I've had the opportunity to tally all the entries and have Mr. Wonderful pull the 2 names out of a hat.

Good luck, Dear Blogger Friends, and happy crafting!

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Lis said...

I recently did a post on my blog about a fall craft I made with some friends. We had dinner, wine and each made a fall wreath for our front doors. We had an absolute blast!

Fall is such a great time for crafting and it's so relaxing! Have fun on your trip! :)

Here's the link.

Anonymous said...

OHH MY MY LULU! This is SO fun. I'm only home for a second but here's my very quick list & I'll post a Craft Swap 2008 Sun or Monday. These are the items (with the exception of the Deco Color Markers which I bought at PS but I think they have even more at M's) I bought when I made my trip to Michaels during Philly/NJ trip - I don't have a Michaels here either. Boo!
1. Extra-fine Deco Color Markers in every possible color but specifically Silver & Gold 2. Martha Stewart Labels - I love her new stationery stuff
3. DOLLAR BINS (my fave) - Holiday Recipe Cards I love (I bought all they had) and Magnet sets (great for gift package toppers)!! Okay I think that's all I have for now. GREAT GIVEAWAY AND IDEA...LOVE IT!

MMM said...

I feel your pain on the errands thing. Wouldn't it be fabulous if there was a Target in the city. We should rent a car and go to NJ together sometime and just wander the isles of big box retailers. What a fabulous day! =) I'll have to think on the craft idea.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oooh, I am so glad I added you to my Google Reader over the weekend!! :) Such a fun giveaway! And hello, I cannot imagine not having a Target nearby. Where else can I buy underwear and craft supplies in one place??

Kappa Prep said...

Okay, the must craft I have for fall was your idea! I think you need to create some pumpkins for your city abode. Also, I plan on doing a similar craft, but with pine cones for the winter. I am all about the gold so good thing I already have the Martha glitter! I am also with Nina on the metalic paint pens. Oh, and invest in loads of Sharpies too! They look great on all cards. I think you could also create some darling holiday placeacrds with cardstock. DO gold, glitter polka dots and then write people's names in green of red Sharpie. Easy, but lovely!

Lori said...

I'm really trying to get in the mood and I do believe $50 at Michaels would be a great motivator! I want to scrapbook and start making my Christmas cards so I would suggust to stock up on your craft staples for the upcoming holidays.

Jenna Z said...

I've just posted a list of my crafty to-dos. Perhaps you could find inspiration from my procrastination!

Jenna Z said...

Oh, yeah, a link would probably help you!

Miss Anne said...

What a great idea!

A) i've added myself to your followers list!

B) my great craft idea for you??
*start with a "week in the life" mini book. Take a picture everyday for a week of things that are important to you and/or make your days complete (family,coffee pot, morning drive, dog, desk, etc) and then make a mini book to share. I'm working on one for my partner of pics from the last few months. It's alot of fun, and a great keepsake!

ideas of items to buy:
Any brand of mini book (usually bound with rings)
Paper designs of your choice

*Get your pics printed at Costco or snapfish by uploading online*

C) I'm going to mention your giveaway on my blog! :)

Lianna Knight said...

I recently did a post on my new craft...greeting cards. I am creating greeting cards and opened an Etsy Store to help defray the cost for our third IVF procedure.

Check out this link and see some of my Christmas Cards.

I had a lot of fun creating the cards and everything you need is at your fingertips at Michael's :)

Lianna Knight said...

I forgot to mention that I am now one of you followers :)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Oh my gosh Lulu, this is an amazing giveaway!! I've been out and about so I hope I can still enter! :)

I posted my fall decorations on my blog a little bit ago, they're not expensive but little fun fall touches!

Have so much fun shopping!

Follow @georgialoustudios