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Pink 'n' Green Rehab?! No, No, No!

I have a confession for you ladies...

Mr. Wonderful and I are living together. Cohabitating. Livin' in sin. Not a real shocker nowadays, I realize, but it was actually a big decision for us to make the move. Sister Wonderful (my awesome future sister-in-law) and her husband dated for 6 years (!!!) before getting engaged and subsequently moving in together. Being the traditional couple of preps we are, we thought long and hard before making the big move (rather, before he decided to ditch his moderately creepy Craigslist living sitch to bunk up with my 2 roomies and me).

This technically isn't the first time we've lived together, as Mr. Wonderful lived with me briefly between job assignments he held in the Middle East and Washington DC. It wasn't really considered "the big move" to us, as we knew he would be moving cross country in a short amount of time. Therefore, we resided quite happily in my little den of deliciousness. He was more than happy to take the guest room closet, eat off my pink and green Kate Spade Rutherford Circle china, and sleep in the oh-so-girlie bedding set you see below:

(Pottery Barn, circa 2005)

Fast forward to NYC 2008- There's nothing more fun than living with my best friend, and I appreciate (love!) no longer having to schedule date time around his viciously busy schedule. I'm *thrilled* to be setting up a life together with him.

Howev- There is one teeensy, weensy issue with the whole budding domesticity thing we have going on. Mr. Wonderful. Does. Not. Heart. Pink.

You read it right ladies. Mr. W's not feelin' the pink. He's totally down with the fact that his "little Lulu" needs to wear pink almost every day, sleeps in pink jammies, and has more pink handbags than she'd care to mention. But when it comes to the wedding and to the future residence of Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful, there won't be much pink and green outside of dear old Lu's closet. What's a preppy girl to do?!

Any suggestions, ladies? Do I graduate to the preppy blue and green, go for something nautical? How did you newlywed preps keep your need for a sweet, girlie, den without the Mr. Wonderfuls in your life keeling over from a pink overdose?



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Wearing Mascara said...

Interesting post! I have not moved in yet with my bf, but I think that you shouldn't have to give up your love for pink completely. It is WHO you ARE and he should be able to deal with it a little... just like you will deal with his quirks. I do agree that your whole house should not include pink to accommodate him, but you shouldn't have to give it up completely! Good luck and keep us posted :-)

NMB said...

What an exciting time! And, thanks for a great morning-laugh!! :-)
What about The Morgan Collection or The Sutter Embroidered Collection from Pottery Barn? It's very "His & Hers" in my opinion!! Yes, keep us posted! Happy Wed!

Legallyblondemel said...

Horrors! I'm for working in the pink in moderation throughout your house and wedding - say, a throw pillow with pink accents, vs. pink walls.

As far as your wardrobe is concerned, I think you should feel free to be as candy-cotton pink as your heart desires. This is the bargain my husband and I have struck, and in exchange I don't try to force him into pink polo shirts as I would secretly love to do.

Mojito Maven said...

Yeah i vote you try the whole "pink in moderation approach" haha

P.S. I've tagged you :)

Kappa Prep said...

Pink in moderation around the house is the way to go I think. Is he totally against all fabrics with pink? If not, you can always incorporate throw pillows that have a bit of pink and lamps as well. My fingers are crossed that you all have a little girl, because then he will totally have to budge!

Ainsley said...

Here's the thing...I don't think most guys REALLY care how you decorate the house, but they don't want you to ask them to choose pink. Tone it down a little bit, but this is the bottom line: What married couple's home looks like a "dude" decorated it? Maybe go for more salmony/orangy pinks if you can't live without...I guess Lily P. linens are no longer an option once you guys have your own place. Trust me, when you have a home, you are going to tone it down anyway. When you're bedroom is the only space that's totally yours, you go a little girly...

Weeksie50 said...

A girl has to have her pink.. just gradually bring it into the home ever so Maybe he won't notice..

Muffy said...

OHH NOOOOOO! My fiance did put the kibosh on "pink and green overload" but he's never said NO pink. I would leave him. This is much too important! Muffy says: give him the boot!!! HAHAHAHA!

I hope he gets over it!


Tickled Pink And Green said...

Take it out and "slip" it in little by little. :)

And if he likes navy & green, go with that - it's almost (ALMOST) as good!

Tickled Pink And Green said...

P.S. Oh horrors! I just re-read my comment and it sounds a wee bit on the nasty side. Oops - sorry!

Tee Hee.

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