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I {heart} NieNie

Sometimes I can't help but marvel at the miracle of blogging, and what it can do for the world.

(click me!)

Case in point: the heartbreaking, yet truly inspirational story of the Nielson family which I'm sure you've all read by now (see here and here to catch up). The story of the Nielsons strikes a pretty strong chord with me, as I spent the last 4 years of my life prior to NYC living and working in the community they call home. I worked across the street from the airport Mr. Nielson took flying lessons, at the same company that employed the brave pilot lost in the crash (I didn't know him personally, but know others who did).

It's the women like Nie- creative, uplifting, dedicated, Mormon mothers- who first sparked my fascination with blogging. I'm not Mormon myself, but living and working in a Mormon community was an eye-opener for me in the most positive way. It was so comforting to know that there were women out there my age who had an amazing list of traits: family-oriented, crafty, classy, sassy, Christians that didn't drink or smoke but still knew how to have a good time. While I'm a proud Episcopalian and obviously don't fit all of those criteria (self-explanatory given this blog's title), I truly respect the pioneer bloggers in my life for being such great role models and sources of inspiration (special shout out to Heather and Camille!)

If you get the chance, please try to purchase something from the etsy auction on behalf of the Nielsons. And, if you're looking for a little inspiration, I highly suggest taking a stroll through the archives of NieNieDialogues... I think you'll walk away inspired as well.



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